Children, Teenagers and Adolescence Therapy

Mature capacity for love and work ordinarily begins to develop in childhood with nurturing relationships and meaningful activities.
Therapy gives an opportunity for therapeutic connection which embraces a transformation and empowerment for their record of success. Believing they can succeed the next time when a challenge comes around.

Children, Teenagers and Adolescence Therapy
couple therapy

Couple Therapy

I mainly focus on reappraising importantly and restructuring your Understanding of painful and unhappy aspects. Trust, Safety and Hope need to be felt again after of no communication or miscommunication!

We need to start talking again!

Women Let’s Talk!

Traumas are being presented in various narratives, and the research shows that up to 75% of people are qualified for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

I use Trauma – Informed Care approach to lighten the burden of those women in need!

women lets talk

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